Seven Points Smothered SteakBy Dartagnan

"tender, full of flavor top round steak with onions and mushrooms in a mushroom gravy that everyone will be asking for the recipe"

Willow BeefBy Dartagnan

"a Trader Vic's inspired classic by Mr. Tony Lau was a favorite at his restaurant China Garden in San Angelo Texas in the 80's"

Texas Sun Pasta SauceBy Dartagnan

"scorching hot west Texas sun is the secret to the tremendous flavor this pasta sauce brings"

7Steak & GravyBy Dartagnan

"a Bar Nothing Ranch favorite, big house or bunk house, everyone likes 7Steak & Gravy"

Savoy City Sirloin RiceBy Dartagnan

"bayou sam's savoy city sirloin rice, great as a side dish and just as good as the only dish"

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