Buttermilk Blue Cheese GritsBy Dartagnan

"buttermilk blue cheese as seasoning, not as an ingredient, give this classic cheese grits dish great versatility and flavor"

903’sBy Dartagnan

"903 Brewery's Black Forest Stout is the gem in this jewel"

Black River Bend Grit CakesBy Dartagnan

"a perfect accompaniment for most Cajun or Creole dishes. crisp, creamy and packed with flavor, you'll never look at grits the same way again!"

Boudin Stuffed Cornish HensBy Dartagnan

"Tall City Meat Market's fresh boudin in Midland Texas is the key to the insane flavor of this cajun inspired dish by Bayou Sam's Cajun Grill "

Pimento CheeseBy Dartagnan

"nothing beats a great pimento cheese, whether a sandwich, snack, hors d'oeuvre, or charcuterie board, this recipe will have your guests wanting more!"

Cayenne Zucchini CakesBy Dartagnan

"quick, easy and exploding with flavor, these pair with a delicate seafood or stand up to BBQ'd pork or chicken, don't be sleepin' on these!"

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