Pecan Mustard ChickenBy Dartagnan

"preparing your own Honey Dijon Mustard and Pecans are the key ingredients to this amazing recipe!"

Marfa Lake Chicken BakeBy Dartagnan

"quick seared and then baked marinated chicken, asparagus spears and fresh spinach, transform weeknight dish to front and center at any gathering"</h2"

Lasagne BiancheBy Dartagnan

"splitting this into two days makes this spectacular party pleaser a breeze to make and guaranteed to the first gone, so make 2, because the leftovers are better the next day!

Pancit Bihon DaulongBy Dartagnan

"a traditional Filipino favorite, and will fast become your families favorite too! A great meal prep and easy to make!

Rasta Sam’s Jamaican Jerk ChickenBy Dartagnan

"authentic Jamaican Jerk chicken from RASTA SAM's Jamaican Juke Joint, don't stop with chicken, a great marinade for seafood, pork and beef"

Rasta Sam’s Jamaican Jerk SeasoningBy Dartagnan

''an authentic Jamaican jerk seasoning that loves not just chicken but pork, seafood and steaks as well as many vegetables dishes....and what ever you do! Do not rim your bloody mary glass with this!"

Internal Temperature GuidlinesBy Dartagnan

"first step to a great meal, is knowing and trusting your source for meat, and cooking it to the right temperature"

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