Sammy Lime's Margar'tini Bar

Bahamian Peas n RiceBy Dartagnan

"an abaco islands exclusive, from restaurants to grills and bars, to church cookouts and yes, even trunks of cars, this is a delicious island staple!"

Internal Temperature GuidlinesBy Dartagnan

"first step to a great meal, is knowing and trusting your source for meat, and cooking it to the right temperature"

The SamaritaBy Dartagnan

"a true Mexican classic, not to be confused with what you throw good money away on in a bar"

The Gig’emBy Dartagnan

"no introductions needed, from deep in the heart of Texas, Bonfire Bourbon is the 12th man in this Exclusive True Texas Craft Cocktail"

Iola CherriesBy Dartagnan

"a macerated cherry worthy of "The Gig'Em"

Bayou SamburgersBy admin"Using only the best quality, fresh ground chuck (I get a chuck roast and grind it with a medium plate)" Bayou Sam's Cajun Grill ©1997
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