Sam's Chop House

Lemon Tarragon VinaigretteBy Dartagnan

"using one of the best olive oils there is and shaved palm sugar take this simple vinaigrette to a completely different level"

Sweet Onion Bacon DressingBy Dartagnan

"Creamy, smooth with all the right hints of onion, topped by bacon if you choose, this dressing is a crowd pleaser"

1015 Bacon VinaigretteBy admin

"easily, one of the best dressings you'll ever have. great on spinach salad and fresh sliced garden tomatoes"

Sam’s Chop House CarrotsBy Dartagnan

"Sam's Chop House Carrots are sure to please everyone at your next steak cook out or dinner party."

Chop House MushroomsBy Dartagnan

"classical chop house mushrooms in two versions, in their own sauce or dry"

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