Sombreo Sam’s Chile Verde SauceBy Dartagnan

"this Verde sauce is key to many authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex dishes, make ahead and make often for the best sauce you've ever tasted"

Rasta Sam’s Jamaican Jerk ChickenBy Dartagnan

"authentic Jamaican Jerk chicken from RASTA SAM's Jamaican Juke Joint, don't stop with chicken, a great marinade for seafood, pork and beef"

Caramelized Lime ReductionBy Dartagnan

"a heavy reduction for a plethora of sauces, cocktails and dishes, easy to make, huge flavor, you'll keep some around for many things"

Duck a l’OrangeBy Dartagnan

"a timeless french classic is surprisingly easy to make, and better to enjoy with friends"

Enchilada Sauce Mission de ValeroBy Dartagnan

"a classic genuine enchilada sauce from scratch, steep in Mexican and Texas tradition, as old as Mission San Antonio de Valero itself"

Valley Lemon Artichoke Pasta with ChickenBy Dartagnan

"a wonderfully flavored pasta dish with the sweetness of Valley Lemon and the tang of a hint of capers infused into artichoke hearts, chicken is so optional in this recipe"

Eighth Ward SauceBy Dartagnan

"not your everyday run of the mill sauce, this is excellent with so many dishes"

Casa Blanca Moroccan SalsaBy Dartagnan

"the magic behind Sam's Cafe Morocco's exclusive Harissa Roasted Eggplant is a great versatile sauce and now a dip!"

Grilled Sweet FireBy Dartagnan

"so extremely versatile, flavorful, and easy to make. You will keep this as a go to for so many recipes like grilled jumbo shrimp, fresh red snapper or pork tenderloin... or just dump over cream cheese with Cojita Crisps"

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