Tarragon Compound ButterBy Dartagnan

"an easy and versatile butter that you will find yourself using often", image shown is grilled mahi using tarragon compound butter as a mop for grilling

Texas Sun Pasta SauceBy Dartagnan

"scorching hot west Texas sun is the secret to the tremendous flavor this pasta sauce brings"

CarnitasBy Dartagnan

"adapted from the Bar Nothing Ranch recipe with dual preparation methods"

Crème Fraiche (French Sour Cream)By Dartagnan

"Creme fraiche, (properly spelled "crème fraiche"), is a cultured cream, meaning it has been soured and thickened with live bacterial culture. Compared to sour cream it has a lower water content and a higher fat content. It has a nutty, tangy flavor that lends a little acidity to any dish." "Because of its high fat content, creme fraiche does not curdle when boiled, which makes it ideal to use as a thickener in sauces and soups. Creme is also used as a finishing touch for sauces and soups, or spooned over fruit or warm desserts such as cobblers."

Cow Horn AioliBy Dartagnan

"the fresh garden grown cow horn pepper is the star of this lone star aioli"

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