Oysters Céleste (heavenly oysters)By Dartagnan

"traditional draggo's grilled oysters with a little Texas twist" Vincent, you'll want to roast off your peppers, then squeeze them through a mesh, so no seeds or flesh

Shrimp MazatlanBy admin

" Twenty Year Anniversary for Sam's Seafood Grill's Shrimp Mazatlan" Sam's Seafood Grill ©2002

Catalina SalmonBy Dartagnan

"a hand prepared vintage old salad dressing is now a wonderful marinade and sauce"(you may consider doubling the marinade recipe)

Harissa Citron PrawnsBy Dartagnan

"cafe sam's harissa citron prawns" incredible flavor packed recipe, for shrimp as well as chicken

Acadian Q’d PrawnsBy admin"It's All About The Heat In This Explosive Culinary Cunnumdrum." Preparation
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