Sombreo Sam's VooDoo Cantina

AlbondigasBy Dartagnan

"a classic traditional Mexican holiday soup the entire la familia will love... from Sombero Sam's VooDoo Cantina

Internal Temperature GuidlinesBy Dartagnan

"first step to a great meal, is knowing and trusting your source for meat, and cooking it to the right temperature"

Tacos al PastorBy Dartagnan

"classic no short cuts al Pastor that your party, family and friends will love"

Cherry Fire Roasted Habanero Pineapple PicoBy Dartagnan

"pico with a punch, this sweet and not as hot as you think pico de gallo is as at home in a stand alone dip at a party as on tacos al pastor, you will love it's versatility"

Sombreo Sam’s Mexican VooDoo RiceBy Dartagnan

"turn heads at your next gathering with this incredible version of Mexican rice. Or drop some diced chicken in afterwards for a fantastic meal!"

Grilled Sweet FireBy Dartagnan

"so extremely versatile, flavorful, and easy to make. You will keep this as a go to for so many recipes like grilled jumbo shrimp, fresh red snapper or pork tenderloin... or just dump over cream cheese with Cojita Crisps"

VooDoo SalsaBy Dartagnan

"a true Tex-Mex classic from Sombreo Sam's VooDoo Cantina!"

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