Sombreo Sam's VooDoo Cantina

VooDoo SalsaBy Dartagnan

"a true Tex-Mex classic from Sombreo Sam's VooDoo Cantina!"

Chicken GiacomoBy Dartagnan

"fin i ney - a timeless classic that never stops satisfying"

CarnitasBy Dartagnan

"adapted from the Bar Nothing Ranch recipe with dual preparation methods"

Sombreo Sam’s Shredded ChickenBy Dartagnan

"you will love this chicken in your grilled tacos, your quesadillas or enchiladas. It's even good in a queso blanco dip"

Chili VerdeBy Dartagnan

"fresh fire roasted chilis, seared and simmered pork, what a perfect combination for this TexMex favorite"