GuisoBy Dartagnan

"from the bunkhouse to the big house, a century old comfort food remembered"

Prime Bone-in FiletBy Dartagnan

"top of the food chain, the Prime Bone-in Filet is "the" cut of all cuts"

Ribeye El PaseoBy Dartagnan

"the quintessential classic seasoned and prepared ribeye steak"

Smoked Eye of RoundBy Dartagnan

"as a sit down entree, shaved and finished on a griddle for sammies or an elegant heavy app for parties, smoked eye of round is easy to prepare and always a crowd pleaser"

Seven Points Smothered SteakBy Dartagnan

"tender, full of flavor top round steak with onions and mushrooms in a mushroom gravy that everyone will be asking for the recipe"

Willow BeefBy Dartagnan

"a Trader Vic's inspired classic by Mr. Tony Lau was a favorite at his restaurant China Garden in San Angelo Texas in the 80's"