Blueberry Mostrada DressingBy Dartagnan

"a Sam's Seafood Grill Original, blueberry mostrada brings this vinaigrette to a new level, whether as a dressing or a sauce for pork, you'll love it"

Ensalada MazatlánBy Dartagnan

"Mazatlán seafood at it's very best! Cool, crisp and exploding with flavors that will send you there with your first bite"

Lemon Tarragon VinaigretteBy Dartagnan

"using one of the best olive oils there is and shaved palm sugar take this simple vinaigrette to a completely different level"

Sweet Onion Bacon DressingBy Dartagnan

"Creamy, smooth with all the right hints of onion, topped by bacon if you choose, this dressing is a crowd pleaser"

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