Casa Blanca Moroccan SalsaBy Dartagnan

"the magic behind Sam's Cafe Morocco's exclusive Harissa Roasted Eggplant is a great versatile sauce and now a dip!"

Sam’s Cafe Moroccan RiceBy Dartagnan

"a Sam's Cafe Morocco Exclusive, don't be sleepin' on this rice, it's a spectacular accompaniment to most anything or throw some cooked small, diced chicken or salad shrimp in at the end and make it a complete meal, hot or room temperature, you will love it!"

Seafood ZayaBy Dartagnan

"middle eastern flavors and flair bring your seafood alive!

Marrakesh TendersBy Dartagnan

"Tender, full of flavor with just the right amount of Moroccan flair, makes you want to stop in for a drink at Rick's Cafe Americain"