Samcello's Ristorante Villagio

Lasagne BiancheBy Dartagnan

"splitting this into two days makes this spectacular party pleaser a breeze to make and guaranteed to the first gone, so make 2, because the leftovers are better the next day!

Internal Temperature GuidlinesBy Dartagnan

"first step to a great meal, is knowing and trusting your source for meat, and cooking it to the right temperature"

Valley Lemon Artichoke Pasta with ChickenBy Dartagnan

"a wonderfully flavored pasta dish with the sweetness of Valley Lemon and the tang of a hint of capers infused into artichoke hearts, chicken is so optional in this recipe"

Chicken EveBy Dartagnan

"a timeless classic from Kenley's on the River 1986"

Cremini Truffle RisottoBy Dartagnan

"the hint of truffle at the finish dances with the mushroom fondant that you deglaze with sherry, simply incredible"

Butternut Squash RisottoBy Dartagnan

"an easy, silky smooth delicious dish, that will fast become a favorite at your family's table"

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