Sam's Seafood Grill

Black and Blue SaladBy Dartagnan

"an iconic Sam's Seafood Grill Classic, dual proteins choices for whatever you guests love will certainly be a hit!"

Blueberry Mostrada DressingBy Dartagnan

"a Sam's Seafood Grill Original, blueberry mostrada brings this vinaigrette to a new level, whether as a dressing or a sauce for pork, you'll love it"

Lemon VinaigretteBy Dartagnan

"this classic vinaigrette is home on many salads and used as a great marinade, quick and easy to whisk up, it will be a spring and summer favorite for you as well"

Sam’s Seafood Grill ~ Black and Blue SaladBy Dartagnan

"with dual protein options, this salad is great for anytime"

"Sam's Chop House blue cheese dressing is enhanced with the addition of fine Feta Cheese crumbles and Buttermilk Blue Cheese"

Pecan Mustard ChickenBy Dartagnan

"preparing your own Honey Dijon Mustard and Pecans are the key ingredients to this amazing recipe!"

Oyster BisqueBy Dartagnan

"slightly updated over the decades, this timeless classic will be a favorite over and over again"

Creamed SpinachBy Dartagnan"a classic accompaniment for any elevated dinner, soft, velvety and easy to prepare, your guests will love it, and so will you"
Caramelized Lime ReductionBy Dartagnan

"a heavy reduction for a plethora of sauces, cocktails and dishes, easy to make, huge flavor, you'll keep some around for many things"

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