Sam's Seafood Grill

Creamed SpinachBy Dartagnan"a classic accompaniment for any elevated dinner, soft, velvety and easy to prepare, your guests will love it, and so will you"
Caramelized Lime ReductionBy Dartagnan

"a heavy reduction for a plethora of sauces, cocktails and dishes, easy to make, huge flavor, you'll keep some around for many things"

Internal Temperature GuidlinesBy Dartagnan

"first step to a great meal, is knowing and trusting your source for meat, and cooking it to the right temperature"

Grilled Sweet FireBy Dartagnan

"so extremely versatile, flavorful, and easy to make. You will keep this as a go to for so many recipes like grilled jumbo shrimp, fresh red snapper or pork tenderloin... or just dump over cream cheese with Cojita Crisps"

Snapper FlorentineBy Dartagnan

"traditional Florentine combined with a light saute on a delicate fish fillet"

Cucuzza NatasaBy Dartagnan

"raise your bar to this side dish that will elevate your next dinner party, they will not stop asking for this recipe, but just smile."

Dover SoleBy Dartagnan

"quick, light and delicate, or a little more complex flavor with brown butter, either way, this classic is a real seafood lovers pleaser"

Escabèche VieirasBy Dartagnan

"Escabèche is a Spanish Tapas dish in which cooked seafood is marinated and served cold as an appetizer. Though it's traditionally made with Spanish sardines, Escabèche is excellent with scallops or prawns."

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